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The Story of the Week from This is True’s 1501st newsletter. (Link to a much larger version of the photo in this evening’s newsletter....) Basic subscriptions have been free since 1994 — everyone can afford that!

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And Thoughtful Kitten has a great imagination! (But she has always been at a loss for horror.) -- and mention Mastodon in the "Where Heard" box if you will, so I know this thing's on! The next issue comes out in about 9 hours; it's weekly.

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Today, President Biden will sign the Respect for Marriage Act. It will nullify the odious act known as DOMA, which had enshrined anti LGBTQ+ prejudice and discrimination into law.
Federal recognition of same sex marriages, by statute, is an important safeguard, but we must still do more. We must now enshrine the protections of Obergefell into law, so that no state can deny same-sex couples the rights and privileges afforded heterosexual married couples.

Some of the best webcomics I've read:
1. Night Class
2. Black and Blue
3. Lumine
4. Jackson's Diary
These are on Tapas or Webtoon (or both). 😎

Welcome to our new server on this fine Thanksgiving eve! Have a wonderful holiday, and let the conversations commence. 😈

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