photo crop test

Oh yeah that worked.

Sure the little 'edit' wasn't there before...😆

@TanjibyLux Most likely if I can ever figure out how. This is on desk top and not phone so it may be slightly different

Twitter in it's death throws?

Anyhow I'll just wallow in the memories of over a week ago...

Prepping for Lux2 - seems years ( which it is ) since I attended a Con.

I found at least 2 t-shirts with postponed dates, just missing a 2021 version 😆

Working on a few final sketches for autographs for Lux2 which is now swiftly approaching (after 3 years wait)

@TanjibyLux I never flown for a con, we always managed to get fairly goods guests in the UK. It'd have to be something really special to get flights

Happy New Year to all 🍾

Cannot believe it's less than two months to go before Lux2

I think I've transferred my Mastodon account to the Lux Night club - but who knows 😆

Lux Nightclub

A server for fans of the Lucifer TV series. Good place for friendly, relaxed chat.