Happy New Year to all 🍾

Cannot believe it's less than two months to go before Lux2

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@thedothatgirl I always smiled at my daughters when they wanted to go to GamesCon in Cologne, which is nearby. Now I'm already flying (!!!) to my second con - and have no regrets. 😂 See what the devil made me do? 😊

@TanjibyLux I never flown for a con, we always managed to get fairly goods guests in the UK. It'd have to be something really special to get flights

@thedothatgirl Well, it's not that far, but Birmingham is actually not that accessible by train from here 😊 - It is special enough, don't you think? 😍 😘 And tbh I don't know how good the guest are here in Germany, I've been never interested in going to a con before.

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