photo crop test

Oh yeah that worked.

Sure the little 'edit' wasn't there before...😆

Twitter in it's death throws?

Anyhow I'll just wallow in the memories of over a week ago...

Prepping for Lux2 - seems years ( which it is ) since I attended a Con.

I found at least 2 t-shirts with postponed dates, just missing a 2021 version 😆

Working on a few final sketches for autographs for Lux2 which is now swiftly approaching (after 3 years wait)

Happy New Year to all 🍾

Cannot believe it's less than two months to go before Lux2

I think I've transferred my Mastodon account to the Lux Night club - but who knows 😆

Lux Nightclub

A server for fans of the Lucifer TV series. Good place for friendly, relaxed chat.