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The question is about playing the piano. Tom’s answer is about fingering. Of course we’re going to laugh 😂😂

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Ok you all know I'm a proud Canadian and I just had to share this bit from Tom's solo panel on Sunday about Brits and Canadians. You that right Tom we get it 😉

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Here is the clip of the coffee orders from the gold panel but I stopped recording before exchange about Tom not being a fan of milky nuts. Hopefully someone caught that piece and will share🙏🏼

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Tom discussing which super hero he’d like to play after initially thinking the fan suggested he should play “Keith Richards” instead of 😂

So Amy is 21 today 🎉🎁. I am super jealous of her birthday present though @drmartens

Anniversary cream tea at Tiptree tea room in Southwold. It had to be done!! @Jam_First xx

Not that he’s on here but publicly wishing the hubster a happy anniversary 💜💜 25 years today (that makes me feel old) 😘

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My favorite moment of the con: the donation to Tom and Meaghan’s charities in Tom’s name. His reaction is perfect. My video is janky, sorry, but I was standing and emotional and so proud to be a part of the 🥹🥹 @tomellis17 @MoppyOpps

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos and videos from It looks like you all had an absolute blast and I’ve enjoyed playing along from home xx

rarely breaks, but here’s two little stories about times he difficulty keeping it together

For ⁦@PhoenixFire_RN⁩ - Would Lucifer beat Tom Welling’s Superman

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“What would Lucifer have said to Trixie if they had a chance to say goodbye?”😭

So much content being shared from . Thank you to everyone who has shared so far. I’m loving seeing what you’re all up to xx

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D.B. Woodside surprising Aimee Garcia! 🥹

@dbwofficial @Aimee_Garcia

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DB Woodside says it is hard to pick a favorite person to work with. He says that his he truly feels like Tom’s big brother at this point. He loves working with everyone but there was something special about working w Tom

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DB Woodside said that when Amenadiel meets Ella at the Silver City he would thank her for her faith. Aimee Garcia says she would give him the biggest Hug

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@dbwofficial & @Aimee_Garcia Lucifer movie?! 😍

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Warmest hugs of the world are here!
Q: Her two favourite tshirts from the show
A:the sushi and the vampire coffee mug! @Aimee_Garcia 💜💜💜

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‼️ Tom will attend the Magic Con 6 from September 29th till October 1st 2023 in Bonn, Germany.

Buy your tickets here 👉 magiccon.de/en/

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