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The Rogue Court vs Modern Democracy
America can accept this Supreme Court as legitimate and its rulings as the final word - or it can have true democracy and a functioning state. But not both.
New Democracy Americana:

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RT @i_gil_
Russians forcefully deported over 3 mln Ukrainians to russia, disproportionately young women and children. Over 700 000 🇺🇦children. To compare, Germans took over 200 000 🇵🇱 children in WWII.
It is pure eugenics. thank you @TimothyDSnyder for reminder the russia is fascist.

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From launch to splashdown, see image highlights from our #Artemis I flight test around the Moon.

The @NASAArtemis mission broke records, made history, and provided vital data for future crewed missions while getting some beautiful pictures along the way.

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Cancel your holiday plans, we're going to the Moon!

With the urgency of the Space Race in full effect, Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, Bill Anders, and Jim Lovell launched from @NASAKennedy #OTD in 1968.

More about the first crewed mission to the Moon:

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Doctor’s voices

“When you see someone wearing an N95 mask indoors, please don’t assume they are scared, vulnerable or sick. They might just be doing their best to decrease the overall burden of respiratory illnesses in our community.

More people masking = fewer people sick, hospitalized, or dead.”

Dr. Chuck Wurster, ER physician, #Alberta

#WearAMask #CovidUnderTheXmasTree
#CovidIsNotOver #community #WeNotMe

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Four decades of data from NASA spacecraft and ground-based telescopes has revealed unexpected patterns in how temperatures in Jupiter’s belts and zones change over time. 🌡
More about the solar system's largest planet:

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Info for all #Lucifer fans on Mastodon:
Just found out #Lucifans got their very own server now in the #Fediverse, set up by long-time lucifan @patrick / @4everInDNile 🙏 💜 :


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Lux Nightclub

A server for fans of the Lucifer TV series. Good place for friendly, relaxed chat.